Cannabis Pharma Industry Confidential – Interview with Stephen Goldner, Founder & CEO of Pure Green

Cannabis Science Podcast, Episode 22

Stephen “Steve” Goldner was a pharma wunderkind. At age 22 he and his mentor created the modern formulation for methadone used as standard treatment for opioid dependence worldwide. Since then, he and his team have gotten 100’s of drugs and medical devices approved for sale around the world. Yet, as a child of the 60’s Steve saw first-hand the lasting horrors of the the Vietnam War on many of his closest friends and school mates. Driven to act by their unending suffering, Steven wanted to find a way to help his buddy’s and many others like them. His research led him to focus on cannabis as a viable option for the debilitating PTSD and chronic pain affecting many of these aging veterans. With his extensive drug development background Steve founded Pure Green, a company dedicated to creating novel clinically tested pharmaceutical-grade cannabis-based medicines. Join Steve and myself as we discuss some of the ground-breaking work being performed at the intersections of the cannabis and pharmaceutical industries!

Steve is always searching for talented young scientists to join him in this mission. If this sounds like you, contact Stephen Goldner at [email protected]

Music by KV – Bongo, Kimit Sekhon – Paperwave

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