Medical Cannabis from an Emergency Physician’s Perspective: Interview with Dr. Carlos Calaf-Garcia

Cannabis Science Podcast, Episode 10

Dr. Carlos J. Calaf-Garcia gives us his first-hand accounts about what it’s like working with and treating patients using medical cannabis. As an Emergency Physician at NY Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Dr. Calaf-Garcia is on the frontlines of patient focused healthcare. With extensive medical expertise both in NYC and across the world, he has seen things few of us can imagine. From these experiences, Dr. Calaf-Garcia has begun working with medical cannabis to successfully treat many of his gravely or chronically ill patients. Often turning to cannabis when conventional pharmaceuticals have failed to improve their quality of life.

We discuss what it’s like working with cannabis as a physician in New York; how patients benefit from using medical cannabis; and how these systems differ across the border between the US and Canada. 

Music by KV – Bongo

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