Welcome To Cannabis Con Ciencia

Tired of getting mixed messages about the health benefits of cannabis? Or a deluge of information that you can’t make heads or tails on? How about looking at the differences between sativa and indica, but not getting an answer that makes sense? Or maybe you’re trying to analyze a cannabis sample in an HPLC, but the results just don’t seem right? If this sounds just a little bit like you, then you are not alone.


I was in this position a few years ago, when I started researching cannabis at the University of British Columbia. There was tons of information online, but most was of dubious quality, carefully hidden, or non-existent. This is what led to the birth of Cannabis Con Ciencia. A play on words from the Spanish phrase “con ciencia” = “with science” and “conciencia” = “awareness, conscience”.


A site dedicated to raising awareness of cannabis science. To help both the scientifically inclined cannabis enthusiast and the academic community researching this plant find the answers they need. Enthusiasts get an accessible introduction to the science of cannabis from the perspective of an industry insider. Researchers exploring cannabis in the lab, will find tools, methods, troubleshooting ideas, tips and tricks to get your project going.


At Cannabis Con Ciencia you will find the most recent and proven scientific information regarding all aspects of the global cannabis industry. We guarantee all the information found here comes only from primary sources, peer-reviewed journals, and is 100% objective. We only believe in facts here, no anecdotes or extrapolations.


Welcome to Cannabis Con Ciencia!